Bryan Malone from the Pennington Soil and Water Conservation District brought good news to Commissioners Tuesday night. The good news came in the form of additional Clean Water Funds in support of the County Ditch 96 ditch outlet. This project is located south of St Hilaire and leads from the east side of Highway 32 then outlets on the Red Lake River. The total cost for the project is $192,000. $55, 026 in Clean Water Funds had already been sourced from the Red Lake River 1 Watershed, 1 Plan. Recently, Red Lake County had clean water funds that have not yet been attached to a project and had received permission to apply $89, 246 towards the CD96 ditch improvement plan. Total Clean Water Funds available now for the project will total $144,000 while the rest of the cost would be covered by ditch system funds, Enbridge eco-footprint grants and funds from the Red Lake Watershed.

A second ditch system project was brought up by County Engineer Mike Flaagen. Flaagen said there was a request to clean County Ditch 73 which is about 1 ½ miles in length. There is only $2600 in funds for that ditch system and cleaning costs will be about $9000, however Commissioner Jensen said that part of the system is privately owned and that the landowner had already agreed to pay for that portion. Commissioners did agree to a motion to clean the ditch which is partially in Hickory Township and partially in Star Township. 

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