Court began Wednesday in the murder trial of Devon Pulczinski as Judge Tamara Yon conferenced with both the prosecution and defense attorneys. Defense Attorney Anthony Bussa spoke with his client, Devon Pulczinski, and told him that he did not have to testify on his own behalf however Pulczinski said he wanted to testify. Pulczinski then stated, “I admit to the arson, full agreement, it’s my choice.”

“I wish to testify, and admit to arson in the first degree,” said Pulczinski.

Pulczinski spoke of his relationship with Noah Hawkins. They were both mixed-martial arts fighters.

Pulczinski’s apartment had been the subject of a search warrant prior to Alexandra Ellingson’s murder. Pulczinski was angry about the raid and said he wanted to know who the snitch was but had worked things out with those he suspected.  Pulczinski said he had heard about some area thefts and was concerned about money that he had saved for drug treatment. Pulczinski testified that he’d awoke to Alexandra Ellingson digging in his jacket pockets, after which he searched and could not find his money or his phone. 

There was much more testimony from Pulczinski Wednesday afternoon however we now forward to the day of Alexandra Elllingson’s death. Pulczinzki said he, Noah Hawkins were sitting at the apartment when Ellingson entered the room. Pulczinski then told Ellingson that the line of drugs was for her. Pulczinski testified that Hawkins was sitting on the floor and brought the needle, and she helped inject the drugs into Pulczinski, Hawkins looked at Pulczinski and asked if “that was her.” Pulczinzki then testified that, as Ellingson injected herself, Hawkins jumped on Ellingson and put her in a choke hold. They fell backwards and he wrapped his legs around hers, crossed style to make it harder for her to move, it was like 15-20 seconds. Pulczinski lifted Ellingson’s feet in an effort to revive however she was turning blue. Hawkins then started to cry and asked, “did I kill her?” according to Pulczinzki’s testimony.  According to testimony, Pulczinski and Hawkins grabbed her hands and feet and moved her into the kitchen. Pulczinski said he came up with a plan, it was terrible but there was no way he was getting blamed.  Pulczinski said “She died in my house.” There was no plan it was just quick action, we were high. 

The defense came to rest at 11:10am

After lunch Judge Yon gave the jury their instructions on the charge of 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder and 1st degree arson.

The case was then given to the jury to deliberate and come to a verdict.

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