Saturday, January 16 was a historic day at Benedictine Living Community – Crookston (Villa & SUMMIT) as residents, tenants, and employees rolled up their sleeves and received the COVID-19 vaccine. CVS was onsite to administer the first dose of the long-awaited Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.  The second dose will be administered on February 13. 

“We are both excited and hopeful that this will be a first step to ending this pandemic,” said Judy Hulst, executive director. “We want our residents and tenants to be able to freely visit with their family and friends. To give and receive hugs. At Benedictine Living Community – Crookston our resident and tenants’ health and safety is our primary priority. All the measures we have implemented over these past months were to safeguard them. It is important for everyone to get vaccinated so these wishes can come true.”

The administering of the vaccine won’t immediately alter the current visitation restrictions that are mandated by state and federal guidance. “But, we are thankful this is a start.  We anticipate that the restrictions will change once the numbers of cases in the broader community are at an acceptable low,” said Hulst.

Benedictine Living Community – Crookston, a member of Benedictine, a non-profit, faith-based senior care organization, offers a variety of living options that allow residents and tenants to live a fulfilling life. For more information about senior housing with assisted living services, memory care, skilled nursing care, and short-term care and rehabilitation provided on their campus, visit: www.BenedictineCrookston.org

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